World War Z is now FREE but is it WORTH playing in 2020? (Review)


World War Z has recently been made free for a limited time, from March 26th – April 2nd you get to keep it forever so long as you add it to your library. Now that it …


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  1. Turns out the new maps/missions will be paid but are apart of the season pass! The previous new maps they gave to us for free.
    How to get WWZ FREE on PC:
    New Horde Mode Gameplay:

  2. Game is terrible, glad i didn't buy it.. no one plays it i spend 90% of my time trying to get a group.. when i do its a buggy mess… no wonder its on the epic store…the only reason you give away free stuff like this is when its failed to sell

  3. I installed it today, and boy did i fall in love with it. It's basically a mixure of L4D and Payday 2 – which if you're me is a great thing. If there's one thing i dislike about the game, it's how unfriendly it is to new players. When you start the game you have no idea how the classes, or guns, or controls or basically how anything works… But hey, i guess it's a good thing we have you. Great game, great channel, can't wait to play it again tomorrow and try out one of your build!.

  4. before i get the game, i wanna know whats the difference between this and left 4 died 2 cuz these two are so similar in every single way lol

  5. Im stoked for this! I reserved my free copy and will be playing it sometime next week (after I finish TOW, Halo, and Gears 4). I dont have any friends, so if you're a lame fuck like me, I'm looking for people to co op with! Just reply to this comment if you're down. I'd rather not have to resort to r/gamerpals.

  6. Anyone wanna play together higher content? So far randoms are complete plants 0 communications always join higher level missions with lvl 1-5 perks

  7. PvP is fire. Good team and solo play depending on how you roll in respawn shooters. No Microtrans for the class perks at all. Replay ability is extensive. And cross play

  8. Bro thank You Are the best . You are only responsible for my good qurantine gaming time. Thanks Bro……………………………………………………………..


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