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Inside a vertical prison system, inmates are assigned to a level and forced to ration food from a platform that moves between the floors. Directed by Galder …


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  1. If you guys like this movie, you guys should watch the Snowpiercer. It was directed by Boon Joon-ho (the same director who directed Parasite), the movie has the same message.

  2. I was just wondering what would happen to the kid when the platform stopped abviously she was gonna bounce because the platform is so fast

  3. Don’t watch it .worst movie ever . The only reason i finished it its because i wanted to se what’s gonna happen in the end. and you know what ,i just regret it because even in the end you don’t know whaatt happened

  4. I genuinely never understood what capitalism/ communism was until i saw this film. now i finally get it and know we live in a capitalist society and thats on not having toilet paper

  5. i believe the movie ended that way because director had no idea what to do and he wanted to make one of those films such as inception, not because he wanted to give a deep message or anything
    but i believe he hardly failed doing that


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