The First 17 Minutes of Starcraft Remastered


The first 17 minutes of Starcraft Remastered, an HD update to the classic strategy game.

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  1. This game is a masterpiece. I spent 1000 of hours on battlenet doing 1on1 big game hunters. The most intense story and balanced gameplay to have ever graced the net. A remastered version is only natural!

  2. the music and sounds bring back so many memories! where did the time go?
    this is by far the best game i ever played. so much fun.
    also a big fan of diablo 2

  3. Wife, sons (age 8 and 9) and I ran 10base-T ethernet cable through the house so we could play Warcraft II. When StarCraft came out we had to get it too. In the early days we cut the kids slack. In time they took no prisoners. I still remember the 1st time they co-op and kicked their mom and then attacked me. Now the boys are grown. The eldest one told me about the release of SC Remastered. I bought it and started playing again. I remember enough it’s kind of like chatting with an old friend. I’ve forgotten enough that it’s almost like a new game. The guys and the wife are talking about getting it too. We won’t have to run cable across the floor. LOL

  4. am i like the only person who remembers that someone already did this? there is a sc2 custom map mod which is a complete reworking on sc1 in the sc2 interface/graphics etc. and tbh looking at this, i think it looks better.

  5. they reworked the models and textures but the stiff animations and lack of new lighting effects make the game seem a little… off.

  6. why did they change the portrait faces to different faces, I'm sure they could have made better replicas…. it's a little like changing the actors faces on your old favourite films.

  7. You need to be studying every single line of this. You're been watched by a lot of conscious beings in the universe.

  8. im gonna write something that you all not going to like – a waste of time!

    because it proves that blizzard can definately can develop warcraft 4 and instead, they
    recycling their golden age.


  9. I thought you could adjust the pc difficulty? Played a few skirmishes and PC killed me. Man its been 20 years since I've played this classic

  10. I actually enjoy the updated Raynor..the original looked goofy imo..reminded me of Kevin Heffernan (Farva in Supertroopers) once that movie was released lol

  11. Doesn't look like much of an 'enhancement'. At least with Call of Duty, it clearly looks enhanced. This? Not so much.

  12. I don't care about the fact that they didn't change the gameplay, I like it the way it is. What I want to know is why they didn't update the cutscenes.


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