Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker, Ballet in two acts | Mariinsky Theatre (HD 1080p)


From the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, December 2012
Valery Gergiev – conductor
Vasily Vainonen – choreography
Benjamin Tyrrell – stage and costumes

Piotr Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker


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0:00 Overture
29:39 Act I
52:08 (Prelude to) Act II
Dances in Act II:
55:58 Spanish Dance
1:02:29 Eastern Dance
1:07:12 Chinese Dance
1:08:36 Trepak (Russian Dance)
1:09:59 Pas de trois (Dance of the reed pipes)
1:13:38 Waltz of the Flowers
1:21:05 Pas de deux – Intrada
1:27:57 Pas de deux – Tarantella
1:29:05 Pas de deux – Dance of the sugar plum fairy
1:31:31 Pas de deux – Coda
1:33:32 Final Waltz and Apotheosis

– Cast –

Masha the Princess: Alina Somova
The Nutcracker Prince: Vladimir Shklyarov
Masha: Alexandra Korshunova

Stahlbaum: Vladimir Ponomaryov
His wife: Alexandra Gronskaya
Luisa: Alena Mashintseva
Franz: Pavel Miheyev
Drosselmeyer: Fyodor Lopukhov
The Grandmother: Lira Khuslamova
The Grandfather: Stanislav Burov
The Nanny: Valeria Karpina

The Nutcracker: Pavel Miheyev
Clown: Konstantin Ivkin
Doll: Yana Selina
Blackamoor: Alexei Popov
The Mouse King: Soslan Kulaev

Waltz of the Snowflakes (Act II): Valeria Martynyuk, Yana Selina and artists of the ballet
Elegant Ladies and Gentlemen: Viktoria Brilyova, Ksenia Dubrovina, Boris Zhurilov, Konstantin Zverev

Dancers in Act II:
55:58 Spanish Dance: Nadezhda Batoeva, Denis Zainetdinov
1:02:29 Eastern Dance: Elena Bazhenova and artists of the ballet
1:07:12 Chinese Dance: Valeria Martynyuk, Grigori Popov
1:08:36 Trepak (Russian Dance): Polina Rassadina, Ksenia Romashova, Mikhail Berdichevski
1:09:59 Pas de trois (Dance of the reed pipes): Eleonora Sevenard, Yulia Zolotykh, Roman Surkov
1:13:38 Waltz of the Flowers: Viktoria Brilyova, Ksenia Ostreikovskaya, Diana Smirnova, Yuliana Chereshkevich, Andrei Ermakov, Kirill Safin, Kamil Yangurazov, Konstantin Zverev and artists of the ballet
1:21:05 Pas de deux – Intrada
1:27:57 Pas de deux – Tarantella
1:29:05 Pas de deux – Dance of the sugar plum fairy
1:31:31 Pas de deux – Coda
1:33:32 Final Waltz and Apotheosis

Mariinsky Theatre Children´s Chorus
Chorus Coach: Dmitry Ralko

The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky‘s eternal classic, in the choreography by Vasily Vainonen, is a colorful and sensuous dance production: dance in the highest perfection and mastery of modern technology.
This successful production is recorded exclusively for EuroArts Music. The film creates spectacular images of this great ballet production for the viewer. Under the direction of Andreas Morell, this historically unique Nutcracker promises to be a breathtaking experience.

Picture: Valentin Baranovsky 2012
© 2012 EuroArts / Mariinsky Theatre

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  1. Have you watched our Classical Music Compilation? The "Dance of the sugar plum fairy" (1:29:05) is included among many other classics from the EuroArts Channel: How many works do you recognize?

  2. 웅장하고 아름다운 율동!
    배우들도 아름답습니다!
    관객의 열정도 대단합니다!🇰🇷👉💕👍
    A grand and beautiful dance!
    Actors Are Beautiful, Too!
    The enthusiasm of the audience is amazing!🇰🇷👉💕👍

  3. the one who played the character of Clara. I wanna commend her because she really played her role well.

  4. Five minutes in and I know I'm in for an experience I won't forget. Valery may practically own the Mariinsky but there he is down in the orchestra pit doing it as only Valery does. Great musos too. Damn, I wasn't there.

  5. БОЛЬШОЕ спасибо. Восхитительно!!! Все и Все прекрасны.

  6. I’ve been doing ballet since I was two years old I’m nine now I wish to one day be a professional dancer

  7. It was wonderful really, but there were some mistakes (and they forgot mother ginger)

  8. Magnificent performance. A delight for the eyes and the soul. Splendor. Always, always turn to the beauty and tenderness of life-Tchaikovsky, the illustrator of the human soul.

  9. That’s what me and one of my Hanoi College of Industry and Trade friend watch on my Sharp Android One S1 on May 7th, 2020 in the bus


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