StarCraft: Remastered – THE NEW EMPEROR!


The new emperor of the Terran dominion.
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Arcturus Mengsk betrayed Sarah Kerrigan and left her to die with to the Zerg. Because of this, he lost Raynor’s loyalty. In this mission we have to shut down the Ion cannon so we can safely get off the planet, without getting shot from the sky. I decide to do so with a whole lot of Battlecruisers.

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StarCraft: Remastered is a 2017 remastered edition of the 1998 real-time strategy video game StarCraft and its expansion, Brood War. It retains the gameplay of the original games but adds remastered ultra-high-definition graphics, re-recorded audio, and a modern online feature suite.


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  1. Wait, the AI builds a base just like you.. no no no, that's not how Blizzard campaigns work. That's how Westwood campaigns often work, Blizzard campaign maps are much more like Age of Empires, where the map is already filled with fully build enemy strongholds.

  2. Lowko be like ''why didn't they design the singleplayer campaign maps with multiplayer SC2 based efficiency in mind?''

  3. Ai with lockdown is hilarious . I got rekt so hard by that myself. They Will legit lockdown 24 units at once 😀

  4. My strat: build 2-3 CCs, lift them on top of the turrets, send in a dozen wraiths and a few BCs. Run towards the ion cannon.

  5. Your problem is no static defenses no bunkers with siege tanks blocking off all entrances to you bases with science vessels for detection and yes they launch alot of jukes so be ready for that have a battle cruiser placed at each defense to take out ghosts trying to launch nukes

  6. I'm disappointed that they didn't remake the cinematics with new and improved models, at least it's in HD, as goofy as the models may look.

  7. mass wraith wasnt option…at least not the way you played it in the last video lol. Stop saying that. Your gonna cause a buncha kids born in 2002 to kill themselves because they can't execute Lowko's wraith strategy in this mission.

  8. 13:42 yeah… I am a casual player and have a bad habit of being a defensive turtle and figured that out the hard way. And to this day they still say that nukes fell from the sky like water in a rainstorm…

  9. You know what's funny? Despite Blizzard trying their best to make Raynor the good guy, Raynor never much of a problem following Arcturus and his crazy revenge plan of killing billions until his girlfriend was killed. No no no, everything else is barbaric but acceptable, but the second it gets his girl then it's time to pull the boys and start a rebellion.

  10. My biggest disappointment in the Wings of Liberty campaign is what they did to Mengsk. Here I can at least believe that people in the game wouldn't be able to tell he's a crook. He's intimidating, not only in his ruthlessness, but in his intelligence as well. It is actually believable that he'd be able to manipulate thousands to follow him. In WoL, all of his charisma and intelligence appears to have been sucked out until he's so obviously villainous that not only does his followers appear stupid for being loyal to him, but those who oppose him don't actually seem much smarter by comparison considering how much lower the bar is for detecting that he's a bad guy.

  11. I've been playing star craft one for the first time, and then watching your videos on battles after I complete them.

    I am so ashamed at how simple the solutions are.

  12. Fun fact: For some reason I find this the hardest mission in all of SC1, including BW. This mission just hits you hard and often with Ghosts and Science Vessels, and I'm really bad at dealing with that.

  13. fuck i can not beat this mission. i keep getting destroyed. and the ghosts would annihilate my battlecruisers

  14. I love that the campaigns don't have perfectly positioned minerals/gas. The places don't seem as realistic in the SC2 campaigns when you drop down there and it's a perfect setup.

  15. Was only me the one thinking, that it would had been better to have one or two Science vessels here and there to help the units kills the ghosts? . It would have been helpfull if one was accompanying the Battlecruiser too <3

  16. Lol, I loved watching this. I remembered when I played this way back when, random ghosts would nuke my base. And I had the same expressions you had. Brought back the frustration. Eventually, I went mass BC, too! Lol, GG!

  17. Episode 1 Rebel Yell
    Episode 2 Overmind

  18. @LowkoTV , I don't know if you will read this since I am a bit late, maybe someone else pointed it out(though I don't think there are warships fanatics here), but Yamato cannon/gun it's actually a reference to the Space Battleships Yamato's Wave Motion Gun, this making part of a movie. The Yamato-class battleship was the biggest warship ever constructed with a 72kilotons displacement(compared to 57kt Iowa and 54kt Tirpitz) and guns of 460mm(compared to 406mm of Iowa). This is a nice reference.

  19. LOWKO! If minerals and gas are too far away from each other, just build another Command Center. Problem solved. 😛

  20. Main question: Why does Lowko always tries to finish all objectives in SC2 but doesn't do so in sc1 campaign … It would be fun to watch.

  21. Hey lowko! I love these campaign play throughs, but could you pretty please add a number or episode count into each title/thumbnail? You did it with all of the others, and sometimes I miss a few weeks and start an episode with spoilers because I skipped one on accident.


  22. I am happy to hear that I am not the only one who had trouble with some of the Brood War missions if you are getting comments to the effects that they are all tricky. It got annoying when people kept telling me BW was not that bad. I have never finished the last BW mission without cheating, and since I lost my SC 1 discs a few years ago I haven't been able to try it again.

  23. Lowko, can you from now and then switch between Remastered and original graphics during the mission briefings? I think it would be really really cool for you and us to see of the old portraits and comparing to the new ones… SC/BW for most of us is the old portraits. that's all we ever saw of some characters

  24. I can just see all the retries for protoss mission 10 already if you have that much trouble with that mission. I can't react as fast but even I didn't have that much trouble. Zerg Campaign you'll enjoy for sure though. You'll be confused the first few missions.

  25. And this is why Medics are very valuable to have in your army/fleet. Enemy locks your units, you dispel them with Restoration 😀 Too bad they won't appear until BW. But in the meantime, enjoy the SC1 storyline, Lowko o/

    (I sent you a pm, btw, hope it helps!)


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