StarCraft: Cartooned – The Original Terran Campaign! (Ep. 1)


The original StarCraft campaign with the StarCraft: Cartooned graphics! In this video I complete the entire Terran campaign in StarCraft: Remastered.

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Episode 1 – Terran campaign:
Episode 2 – Zerg campaign:
Episode 3 – Protoss campaign:
Episode 4 – Protoss campaign:
Episode 5 – Terran campaign:
Episode 6 – Zerg campaign:

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StarCraft: Cartooned re-imagines every unit, structure, map, menu, and mission with the beloved art style of Carbot Animations.


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  1. Missions:
    1. 1:10 "Wasteland"
    2. 9:06 "Backwater Station"
    3. 21:33 "Desperate Alliance" (23:01)
    4. 46:03 "The Jacobs Installation"
    5. 57:08 "Revolution" (58:43)
    6. 1:19:26 "Norad II" (1:20:04)
    7. 1:41:14 "The Trump Card"
    8. 2:01:54 "The Big Push"
    9. 2:28:32 "New Gettysburg" (2:29:49)
    10. 2:56:31 "The Hammer Falls"
    11. 3:33:26 "The Inauguration" (End-Cinematic)

  2. 44:10 AFAIK, marines are not generally criminals; the suit is a standard issue military suit designed to allow the marines to survive in incredibly hostile environments. It is only Tychus in StarCraft 2 who is a criminal, and he's locked up in the suit because he was already a veteran Marine and they needed him to carry out an intelligence mission. In SC2, Raynor specifically questions why Tychus hasn't taken off his suit (which prompts him to tell Raynor about the arrangement), implying that normally marines are able to do that with reasonable ease.

  3. "i think the story of SC1 is better than SC2" Almost everything about in SC1 is better than SC2, outside of quality of life things such as amount of units selectable and stuff

  4. I just saw that your an announcer on Starcraft 2! Congrats!! That’s amazing!! I’m going to buy it as soon as possible!!

  5. How to beat Terran campaigns last mission: Two bunkers and siege tanks (siege mode) on each side of that block of metal right next to the ramps leading in your base, one turret for them, fully stimpacked (?) marines in them. One control group of BCs and then super complicated attack input: press the "A" button on your keyboard, left click next to the grey cannon with your mouse. the BCs fo the rest.

  6. Why did you put Duke in the back of your base on mission eight? I destroyed half of the map with him, his yamato gun, and two SCVs fixing and following him. The other half with a science vessel and some siege tanks I only used for destroying structures in empty bases (and Duke for the ones like me, who can't understand).

  7. I once had 20 kills on a science vessel because I was irradiating every SCV and marine reachable while the dudes were mining.

  8. If you're ever at a loss for new content ideas, you should play the co-op campaign mod for the original starcraft (i dont think there's one for brood war but there might be). It gets ridiculously hard, harder than even brood war zerg mission 8. It's just a map pack you can download.


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