Solve 'enter network password' annoyance and trusted file location for executable.


Hi, I’m going to show you how to solve this annoyance (Enter Network Password, Enter your password to connect to… Domain, Remember My Credentials, Logon Failure: unknown user name or bad password), and this warning (We can’t verify who created this file. Are you sure you want to run this file? This file is in a location outside your local network. Files from locations you don’t recognize can harm your PC. Only run this file if you trust the location. What’s the risk?).

I have been experimenting with using Cameyo to package up programs to run from my Network Attached Storage so that I can run them from anywhere. It went well but I found two awkward things about it which I managed to clear away, so I’m going to share the solutions here.

First, when browsing to my NAS ‘Turtwig’, it repeatedly asks me to enter my network password. It works fine if I enter them, but even if I ask it to “remember my credentials”, it still asks me again next time. Here’s the solution. Go into your control panel and find the Credential Manager. Click “Add a Windows Credential” and put the name of your server, along with the username and password. When you OK that, it appears in the list of saved Windows Credentials, and now when you browse to the server, it connects you silently and seamlessly.

Second, when trying to run an executable program from a server, it may complain that the file is outside your local network, even though you know for sure that’s not true. Here’s the solution. Go into your Control Panel and choose Internet Options, the Security tab, and the Local Intranet zone. There’s a button where you can declare sites to be in your local intranet, so click it, and the ‘advanced’ button you find in there. It talks about “add this website to the zone” but this is where you put your server name, even though it’s not necessarily a website. Give the name of your server again. OK and exit yourself out of Control Panel, and you should find that your application starts without any warnings.


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