NVIDIA's Big Middle Finger to Apple – NVIDIA Studio Laptops


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NVIDIA wants to take on current champion the Apple MacBook Pro in the creator space with their high-end GPUs like the Quadro 5000 in laptops.

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  1. To be honest, these ASUS laptops are mostly garbage. The only company that has really outdone Apple in terms of innovation is Microsoft with its Surface line of products. As far as I'm concerned, ASUS is at the bottom of the barrel in terms of laptops. Razer & Dell do a far better job in terms of build quality and design aesthetics.

  2. The joke is that we keep comparing which dick is bigger or more price efficient since the day I looked into gaming laptop, and gtx1080 still a freaking awesome card considered how powerful and can triumph 2k series without using rt tech of course

  3. RTX 5000 seems can handle the ray technology with ease, and can fit in in such slim and small unit which made the rest of laptop rtx 2k series so trash super non super, ti non ti, max q or min dick, I guess the only lower class can challenge it is perhaps the twin rtx 2080 or twin 2080 tickets on a big ass desktop, which is so trash considering you need to give up the mobility and paying the same price, rtx 5000 is the bargain and hopefully the solution I was looking for yearssss

  4. when are you going to do a review of the razer studio w/ Quadro? debating whether to do a 2080 maxq or go all out for a Quadro..

  5. My ideal MacBook:
    17" Unibody style Macbook Pro
    RTX 2080
    17" 3840×2400 16:10 OLED 120Hz display
    MagSafe charging
    SD Card slot
    Audio In
    Audio Out
    4 USB 3

    but that's obviously not going to happen because apple's going all USB-C on everything these days and also going thinner and quieter rather than better performance

  6. I'm not a fan of either Apple or Windows, they both have their own uses. But let's be honest, people have NEVER EVER EVER used Mac for better performance. They use Mac's because they don't bloat, they don't slow down over time, everything simply works, and Mac build quality and visual appearance is world leading. If all you care about is performance, of course you would choose Windows hardware everytime. I wouldn't disagree.

  7. If you have test units of quadro laptops. Could you do a comparison of one of those against a regular laptop with thunderbolt 3 where a quadro is added with an e-gpu? That would be very interesting from a cost and performance standpoint…

  8. My fuck,,I work on 3D and motion graphics and I am fucked with cheap low performance computers ..when the heck I will be able to afford such a computer ?!

  9. I'm not so tech savvy so I need some help here. What's the difference between the NVIDIA P3200 graphics and the RTX QUADRO P5000 graphics and which is more powerful? Thanks

  10. The drivers spoken about by Nvidia to come with these RTX QUADRO SEIRES also come with the normal RTX 20series (confirmed that with NVIDIA customer care) so what would be the advantages (performance wise) of getting these studio laptops over the RTX 20series if any?

  11. Just bought acer nitro 5 (i5+1050ti) and all i would like to say – "Fuck you nvidia". The first thing i am going to do after finishing my school is selling this notebook and getting one with amd gpu. Spended about 15-20 days to get linux properly running, but nvidia had always fucked me. I spend a week to config my system then upadates come and nvidia fucks me again!

  12. I must say, I love my 2017 MBP. I don't do any professional things. It's my daily driver. I watch LTT videos on it. I'm writing this comment on it. But the experience of using it, and the happiness it brings me to see it's pretty casing and nice screen I feel is worth the price (especially with apple care, which gives me free repairs if I need it).


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