Nvidia GeForce MX130 Gaming Performance 2018 | Top 5 Games for MX130


Benchmark NVIDIA Geforce MX130 Gaming Performance on TOP 5 games. MX130 is the decedent of NVIDIA MX150 GPU.

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Disclaimer : Games showing on video are not played on MX130 gameplay is just for your reference to know the game. Gaming FPS results are actual which was played on given PC configuration with MX130. All the games are taken from No Copyright Gaming Videos.
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PC Spec
♦ OS : Windows 10 Home 64Bit
♦ CPU : Intel® Core™ i5 7200U 2.5 GHz ( Boost UP 3.1 GHz)
♦ RAM : DDR4 8GB 2133 MHz
♦ GPU : Nvidia Geforce 940MX ( 4GB DDR3)
♦ HDD : 1TB 5400 Rpm

Nguồn: trumbatdongsan.vn

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  1. Get the new MX130 benchmarking results on some new 2019 games(control, youngblood, Blair witch …etc..)

  2. Actual MX130 user here. Just to clarify if you didn’t know, MX130 is an integrated graphics chip. These frame rates are accurate. I can run GTA V in 20-40 FPS, Watch_Dogs in 20-30, Watch_Dogs 2 in 15-35 etc. If you’re looking for a good gaming setup, the MX130 is NOT, I repeat, NOT for you. If you are on a budget, MX130 would be good for you.

  3. when i play gta 5 its rlly playable …. but after playing for like half hour its starting to stutter ..it even worse when im playing online cause i got a lot of fps drop even tho i just walking around
    but i can play other games like watchdogs,watchdogs 2,pubg for a long time and still playable

  4. Hello Im thinking about buying a laptop for studying and maybe for some games and the stats are
    Intel Ci5 8250u, NVIDIA GEFORCE MX130 2GB DDR5, 8Gb ram and 2tb of hard drive

  5. Is nvidia control panel support this gpu pls replay i play pubgm in emulator but i cant see my fps and i also have lag
    And i also have lag with win 10 i cant even chrome some time pls replay dude


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