NVIDIA Geforce 940MX Gaming Performance 2018!


Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you the Gaming Performance on the NVIDIA Geforce 940MX GPU! This is a good budget laptop GPU that will let you do some pretty decent gaming on a budget laptop at around $500-$600! I have already done a video on this before but this is just a update video of that with all the latest games. From seeing the results here we can clearly say that this will atleast let you do some low-mid range gaming on a laptop.

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Specs Of The Laptop:
Intel Core i5-7200U

Games Tested and FPS:
Fortnite: Medium at 720p | 40-50 FPS
Call Of Duty WW2: Medium at 720p | 35-45 FPS
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds: Very Low at 720p | 30-40 FPS
Assassin’s Creed Origins: Very Low at 720p | 20-30 FPS
Destiny 2: Medium at 720p | 35-45 FPS

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  1. Which program did you use to screencap these games? I have the same graphics card and tried to use obs studio but I couldn't get it to run (blackscreen, sound worked tho). I used Xbox live for capturing but the quality is not suitable at all.

  2. Bro my laptop literally has this GPU and it lags like crazy, it can't even play Minecraft on 20 fps like I'm not exaggerating here… Can you give me some bits of information as to why this is so slow??

  3. Im one off the owners of this shitty laptop. And i can tell you based on my experience. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A PC.

  4. tengo esta tarjeta gráfica pero combinada con un intel celeron y eso da como resultado que apenas me corre el gta san andreas :V

  5. What is the setting for Fortnite I am at the lowest settings and I have this graphics card it runs at like 20, 10 or 30 FPS….

  6. Which is better
    7th generation core i7 7700HQ with 4gb DDR5 NVIDIA 1050ti
    8th generation core i7 8550U
    with 2gb DDR5 NVIDIA 940mx
    (Both have 8gb ram DDR4 and 1tb HDD)

  7. I tried pubg and it didn't work on my laptop. Its a Dell, with 16 GB, 1 tb of HD, core i7 7th generation and geforce 940mx. Witcher 3 also didnt work.

  8. I have the same laptop with single heat vent my temps for cpu GPU are 95 ,85 respectively , why are you temps so low , is there any problem with my one !!!

  9. The only thing I can say is that with an i5-6200U, 940mx, 8GB RAM and a 500GB HDD when I play PES 2019 my CPU gets to 90 degrees, it's quite scary

  10. how hot does the graphics card run, i have basically the same laptop and when gaming the temperatures of the graphics card reaches 90c and pretty much stays there

  11. I can get on everything low on fortnite with gtx940mx 60 fps but when its alot of players building at the same time in one spot it drops to 20

  12. actually, when it comes to the GT 940MX, the problem is not the performance playing these games, but usually, the laptop who uses the 940mx is super thin and light, and get a very bad cooling performance

  13. Nice video but Jesus motherfucking Christ you fucking Indians need to learn English because I couldn't understand one single thing your English accent is way too heavy you're speaking gibberish if you are going to make a video please learn English so we can understand you better otherwise I have the same Nvidia GeForce 940mx paired with a Intel Core I-5 7th gen 7200 U but for some odd reason I can't get very good FPS in GTA V unlike other games I get 100 FPS can somebody tell me the best graphic settings so I can get stable framerate😪

  14. I have the acer aspire 5 with i5 9th gen and 940mx , I play low settings on Fortnite and get 120 fps capped with no drops


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