Nvidia Control Panel Settings Explained – How to Use Manage 3D Settings


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I thought I would make a full tutorial on the Nvidia control panel and also the geforce experience as I have been requested quite a lot for some odd reason to go in-depth as to what all these settings do. Though this is a video that I have been meaning to do for a while so hopefully you guys enjoy it, although it is quite long it will explain things like what is pre-rendered frames etc.

If you have any questions then drop a comment in the comments section below.


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Intro Music – Lensko – Circles (NCS Release)

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  1. Gtx 1060 16gb
    16rgb ram
    1tb sdd
    I changed my settings with a video I saw and then it was doing fine but i was getting 500 fps after a few more changes games started to tear and then all my display was screen tearing and v sync did not help ….. I uninstalled driver and put it back in and it got screwed lol I couldnt get back how it was. …. I had to factory reset my pc it probably needed a reset anyways after almost 3 years without factory reset …. and nlw it is just doing fine hahaha not messing with that anymore I get 60fps+ I can not tell any changes but more fps with these type of settings … annd different color but thts it

  2. Probably a good video except for the gay annoying techno music on the intro…intros for 5-12 min videos,bso pointless

  3. Can anyone please tell me what the standard settings for 3D on the Nvidia programming settings are I accidentally changed it trying to update the drivers? Also is it required to join Nvidia experience to update your drivers? Thanks

  4. my text is like blurry and disorientated and idk how to fix it, any ideas https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/658870697224962049/659659734076358657/unknown.png <<image of text

  5. 👨‍💻2019 updated nvidia Geforce error code x003 ? > but tuned my nvidia DESKTOP App and frame went higher from 60 to 200fps

  6. i cant understand how da fak, u played with no V-sync with 63 hz??? The tearing is so heavy… And a lot of the best 3d settings in yourtube do the same… DONT DO IT WITH 60 HZ monitors!

  7. If I turn on ambient occlusion to quality, anti strophic filters 16x , all textures to quality, then can I expect a good 70+FPS and amazing graphics quality? I’m using rtx 2080 triple fan zotac… I’m afraid cause if the FPS is would be lower than that…

  8. Please help, maximum prerended frames is the best for performance and inputlag, but, exactly why??
    For online games, in my i5 960m laptop, 1 is still the best option??

  9. I have an 8th gen rig set w aorus 2070 extreme.. and my games are constantly closing/crashing all a sudden. Please help !!! I've notice 3D in performance is @ very high and I'm sure it's the reason it's crashing but I'm not sure how to fix it.

  10. Just got a gtx graphics 2080 how do you make the font size bigger in the controll panal mine is so small all so my monitor is a oled 4k tv

  11. HAHAHAHA the more you go on with this, the more it's clear you have NO idea what you're fucking talking about. 16x = (16… times speed? Really, bro? Not, 16x the amount, but 16x speed? Seriously?"
    FXAA is "trash?" HAHAHAHAHA WOW REALLY DUDE? You're a dumb fuck. Gamma correction.. "oh, I don't see the difference.."
    Dude you are just spending so much of this video talking completely out of your ass and saying THE stupidest shit and these people are believing you like you're some kind of expert who actually knows what these settings are. This is hilariously awful.

  12. Hey Yes Man, Im sure not much has changed but with the newer 10 and 20 series cards since 2015, how about an update video for current gen 🙂

  13. My games all have low frame rate and when i go to click on Nvidia on my desktop it says ''Nvidia Display settings are not available''

    ''You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU.'' someone help ASAP!

  14. Plase do a monitor overcloking, I found by myself that I could overclock it more if I have less pixels 😮 native 1080p overclock to 71hz, if I put on 720p I can put above 85!!!


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