Nvidia 3D Vision – LA Noire


WARNING: if you can’t adjust the 3D settings then I’d recommend viewing this in Internet Explorer, I believe that a new update has screwed up Firefox and Chrome in particular. Let me know if you’re still having problems!

Once you’ve got that sorted, you don’t need glasses to view the 3D, you can use the cross-eyed method shown here:

At the beginning of this video I demonstrate how to enable this mode on Youtube. Click on the Settings icon at the bottom of the video, next to where it says 3D click on ‘Options’ and from the two pop-up lists, SCROLL DOWN (Important) the bottom one to the ‘No Glasses’ option. You can have a full-screen stretched view if you select ‘Side by Side’ but that will invert the view, meaning you’ll also have to tick ‘Swap (Right-left).

I am showing these videos to help inform you of the current state of 3D games. Some are very good, others… not so much. Some are downright trippy. I hope this helps to inform your buying decisions! Below you can visit the main page where I’m posting all of my findings for various games.

Recorded using a Geforce 670 graphics card at 1920×1080 with Nvidia 3D Vision enabled.

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