Nvidia 3D Glasses Vision v2 In-depth Review


Reviewing the Nvidia 3D Glasses Vision Kit version 2.
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  1. Great video Bro, I know the video has some years now, so the experience with porn is not great? Care to explain please?

  2. Are these ir or RF? Can I use LG RF shutter glasses as a replacement?I bought some cheap Excelvan 3D shutter glasses and they work fine with nVision 3D. I did a youtube video of it.

  3. I have played WoW for years….in 3D is like playing all over again for the first time but you have muscle memory lol. 3D films killed it. Got a very bad taste plus now, it’s cheaper to get a VR headset like Rift or Vive than the needed 120hz approved monitor plus glasses. Sad…when done right it’s very very good. But all these rushed and flat 3D conversions after Avatar killed it.

    AMD never got into it because at the time they were almost bankrupt.

  4. sai sim da tela, é incrivel depois q vc joga vc não consegue ficar sem, para sair da tela tem que saber configurar a convergencia, to esperando chegar meu novo monitor, de 144hz , a resolução dobra, é imcrivel eu tinha p primeiro q saiu, com o monitor da sansung de 22 polegadas , agora vou jogar com 27, se der posto um review,

  5. All the video games are in 3D, the companies should push forward in this area, why don't AMD has something like this?

  6. It's a shame how they totally dropped the technology, but worst is that they've dropped also any form of support for it, including plugins for vieweing stereoscopic photos on browsers… BE AWARE that if you buy pairs of glasses online, they might be dead because they were stored too much without any charging. Always check if the LED is working and the glasses are charging! 😎👌

  7. I keep getting things on my PC with a GTX 1070 graphic card that says 3D options and I was told my monitor might be able to do 3D but I have yet to find someone talk about it online yet. I wonder if people just don't talk about 3D cause it's not a thing anymore or if new monitors don't really support it. I have a ASUS G-sync monitor that is most likely the best gaming monitor. It was mentioned on only one reviewer that it has 3D but everyone else didn't mention it so it makes me wonder.

  8. Umm… hello… Part of the setup, is to adjust the frequency to eliminate 60/50 hertz flicker from lights. Only smart people should be allowed to use this 🙂 im so sick of hearing average dopes have problems with this well documented and easy to use device, simply, because they don't bother to learn how to use it with technical precision and understanding. So sorry it's not a toy or a PSP. Nvidia 3D Vision is PERFECT, it's stupid humans that make it look bad!

  9. YOU NEED TO RESET THE CONVERGENCE ETC TO DEFAULT IN STEREOSCOPIC PLAYER. (OR?) It should be perfectly comfortable… Make sure it's not playing pseudo-stereo (left and right eye flipped] just click flip eyes until it looks right. Onky really smart people enjoy 3Ď Vision. It's indescribable perfection for me everytime. Unbeatable by any passive tv tech, but you have to know what you're doing,… You make it look bad, when it's you that are bad at it! No offense…


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