NuVision 8" Tablet with Windows 10 after – 9 months


This is a follow-up on the NuVision 8″ tablet after 9 months of owning it. You can find more info here and purchase as well:

Original Review:

Other NuVision Tablet’s
NuVision Solo Draw 10″ Windows Tablet review:

NuVision Performance Boost (Also other PC’s)

P.S. I am not sponsored and I was not sent this item for review, I purchased this item with my own funds.


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  1. Have you ever tried to use a stylus with the nuvision 8 solo? I would like to use one with onenote to take notes in some classes. Would you recommend one?

  2. I have this… The sound is so quite for me, I think it's the newer drivers, but I cannot find older ones. I am looking for a Keyboard for it right now. It's not bad otherwise.

  3. Haha, opened right into a sex scene. Rough luck bud. Thanks for the review. I'll be getting this to replace my galaxy tab a.

  4. How did you buy it for 70? It is 90 new on Amazon. Did you disable win10 updates? I heard that people didnt have enough space to download and install it.

  5. Can you tell me the actual screen size (L x W). How long does a fully charged battery last ? Thankyou for making another video on your tablet optimization. Do you use anti virus software on your tablet ? Can this tablet take memory higher than 64GB ?

  6. thank you, great review. Did you make a review, about, how you re- allocated , some of storage. Please post link.

  7. My blackberry playbook I got for 180 euros in 2012 is still very usable, thugh it is showing its age. But I will keep this one in mind. Not on amzon germany though, maybe the uk store.

  8. hello sir..can u install metatrader 4 with this device? i would like to buy this tablet if it can running metatrder 4 smoothly..thanks


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