NuVision 8'' 1920×1200 $49 to $110 Budget Windows 10 Tablet Review


This is the Nuvision Tm800w560l Signature Edition Tablet. It is has faired well for the past 1 year and 4 months that I have had it. It is a pretty impressive little tablet. For what it is worth, the tablet has performed great, but it has had its downs throughout the time I had it.
If you have any questions about this tablet, let me know in the comment section and I will answer as soon as possible. Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed 🙂

width is 1200 and height is 1920*

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  1. I wonder if it works great with Forex Metatrader 4 (windows version).. need it to run in windows since will be using additional indicators for analyzing which cannot be installed in android or ios based MT4

  2. Would you recommend this tablet to be used in a restaurant by waiters for taking orders? I am developing a Windows application specifically for this task, and I need affordable hardware to combine with my software. This one looks so great because it seems to be responsive (based on the reviews), lightweight, and has Windows 10.

  3. Slow and pathetic . Bought to watch vids traveling, reinstalled windows 3 times cuase its just slow . Thin and light weight. But capabilities of a cell phone

  4. Since there is a USB OTG that comes along with it – and if you plug in a USB hub, will it work if you plug in a USB keyboard and mouse? Would both items work? Thanks! 🙂

  5. I need a cheap tablet for collage but i do have a good desktop, my 6 year old samsung tablet is crap at this point

  6. Anyone else have issues where the screen just entirely messed up and had colored lines all over it? Had to return it recently and got another, but this new one is also starting to show the same signs as the other one (bought only a few weeks ago and it has minimal use). Don't waste your money on this, read the 1* Amazon reviews as well. I probably wont be returning it again, but it just isn't worth it. Within a few months, it will be virtually unusable.

    I love this tablet, but really, it woukd be flawless if not for the massive screen damages that just happen for no seeming reason. I even have it with a case and a very sturdy pouch, so theres no way something im doing to it physically is what is causing the damages.

  7. Hey great review. But what style does the charger ouptu to? is it a barrel or is it a usb charging port? thanks.

  8. I'd like to use this for POS sales at some trade shows to charge sales with credit cards. Can I use the "square" or other credit card charging device with this tablet? I know that I cannot use it with my windows phone. So I need to buy a tablet, but want to stick with the windows OS

  9. this sounds like a good basic stuff tablet but because it uses an Atom CPU do not open a lot of apps or it will slow down.

  10. I want this Now Only one Question i dont use win32bit anymore can this Baby handle win64bit please say yes and thanks.


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