Easily one of the most underrated racing titles ever released, the sequel was being planned but the developer was canned by Activision early on…
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♫ Outro music | Theme music – hors d’oeuvres by Madloops

Instrumental’s produced by Chuki (


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  1. If I become a millionaire, you have my promise, I will buy the rights to bizzare, and get you guys a BLUR 2, this game is just amazing

  2. The Licensed car version of MarioKart. This game was unfortunately too good to be appreciated but overall a good game, really enjoyed it when had the game

  3. 7 years ago i played this game. My dad came home with a box. I Didnt know what was in there so i asked him
    "is that a pressent for me"
    and he replyed "Yes"
    He opened up the box with a disk inside, on the disk there was a photo of a BMW and a FORD GTR.He placed it into my Computer and then it started downloading.
    When it was done, i saw the opening cutscene: A Audio running wild on the racing track, shunting a Land Rover and then all the car effects creating the blur logo. I Was so happy as a child. Then SMILE by The Crystal Method started playing. I Never heard any music like that before. i opened up career mode and i was shocked. Huh, I Still remember running wild with the Volkswagen Beetlee, using nitros and shunting cars. I STILL REMEMBER WHEN MY DAD TEACHED ME TO PLAY THIS GAME. It was my first game i ever played.

    But today im trying to download it free so that i can play it one more time, compleet the whole carrer and be happy again. So Nostalgic. Smile music still makes me drop a tear for the years and years that passed away, and may Blur rest in peace. I Will come to you my friend, and i will play you once again, and again…. and……… again…….


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