Momo Part 2 – Mother Bird Horror Story : Complete Android Gameplay | by Poison Games


Momo Poison Games

Momo Part 2

Mother Bird Horror Story Classic Mode

Mother Bird Horror Story

Poison Games

In the game, you will be a guy that contacts her by message, and now he will be pursued by the monster called Mother Bird.

You will have to complete some tasks before get rescued, like turn on the generator, find some keys, close windows etc…
The objetive is to survive until the timer reachs 00:00 then, the police will arrive and you would able to escape.

There are two modes in game, Classic and Gun mode.

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  1. I never play momo but i watch momo game not momo video beacuse i dont like nightmares and i really hate momo😰😬😭

  2. I heard people died because of Momo game. I am never playing this man 😱😱😱😱😱.
    I will play other games


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