Masterclass | Bjørn Jacobsen – Working in Game Audio and Sound Design


Video game sound designer and all-round sonic wizard Bjørn Jacobsen recently visited dBs Music Bristol for an illuminating talk on game audio and sound design.

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  1. Tried and tried and tried. I've done everything they said. I've done the cube game tutorial on the Wwise website 20 times. After generating soundbank the shotgun blast does not playback in cube game. In the capture log it simply says 'selected media not available' all I've done different is used my own shotgun sound wav.file but that should not matter.

  2. Would love to work in game sound. I work in sound post on indie short films for like 7 years now, with the occassional feature thrown in and recently location sound. I get lost when it comes to middleware and game engines. Tried to learn Wwise a few years ago but couldn't get it to work on PC so gave up.

  3. Thank you dBs Music and Bjørn. Such an inspirational and motivational video. As a Reason user I watch masterclasses even though they are mostly about Logic and Ableton. Greetings from Russia!

  4. Awesome, I am currently studying my bachelors in Audio Engineering and am now starting to learn audio for games. I really appreciate this masterclass, thanks!

  5. I can't believe I had the opportunity to watch this master class for free!! it was brilliant thank you so much

  6. been a fan since I first heard the "Stereo Noise" track, great to see Bjørn so happy and successful in his career!


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