Legacies' Kaylee Bryant and Jenny Boyd Play Truth or Dare Jenga


Legacies stars Kaylee Bryant (Josie) and Jenny Boyd (Lizzie) answer revealing questions and show off secret talents in our latest game of Truth or Dare Jenga. Legacies airs Thursdays on The CW.

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  1. They're both so adorable and funny 😂❤️ yes I know it's been mentioned but omg Kaylee maybe 🥰🥰🥰 love her so much! And aww Jenny I'm a Hufflepuff too 💜👑

  2. No wonder their dynamic works, both on and offscreen. A Slytherin always needs a Hufflepuff. Love their friendship

  3. I’m scared when they said “describe a movie” blah blah I obviously immediately thought “titanic” as what I would do and when they said “him a song” blah the first thing I thought was happy birthday

  4. I started watching legacies yesterday and I'm on season 1:E15 …..yeah I'm kinda absolutely in love with this show and can't take my eyes off the TV. Plus I ship Penelope and Josie 😍

  5. I love how Kaylee is like a hufflepuff on show but actually a slyerin and Jenny is a slyerin on show and hufflepuff in real life.


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