Is the GTX 960 Worth It In 2019?


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Parts Used In The System
► i9-9900K:
► Z390 Godlike:
► Corsair RGB RAM:
► DeepCool Castle 240RGB CPU Cooler:
► Steelseries Rival 600 Mouse:
► GSkill Ripjaws Keyboard:
► MSI RGB Monitor:
► RGB Desk:
► Test Bench “Case”:

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Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
Thanks to Catlin Stevenson for editing the video!


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  1. i7 with msi gtx 960 4gb gaming and its ok i do have leg room for a better card but its a good card and i get a good overclock aswell

  2. I am new to this and I am wondering, if I have a 960 and it looks like I will be playing at 60ish fps right? So then if you have a 144hz monitor it's like not useful right? Is this how ir works?

  3. This card is awesome if you're okay with running everything at 1400×900. Even with the 6gb version overclocked I cant get 60 fps with med settings for games.

  4. Remember when this came out and you could play ultra 1080p at 80 FPS, now it’s dated and games graphics got better and I need a new pc

  5. This card is very easy to underestimate. Even with the 2gb It can run halo reach on full graphic settings…get more than 100fps a good amount of the times good card.

  6. This video is garbage… I own a 960 and I am able to play most of these games on medium (NOT LOW) settings above 50 – 60 fps :/

  7. The GTX 960 is renown for being the last major graphics card able to drive C.R.T.s to there optimal resolution and framerate, with its DVI-I out. Speed-runners and enthusiasts, take note.

  8. So my gigabyte gtx 760 stopped working and code 43'ed on me so im looking for a good card here in turkey (used due to my very tight budget) about 50-60 usd

    Here are the cards I thought about:
    1. R9 280X 3GB
    2. RX 560
    3. RX 570
    4. GTX 960

    My pearsonal favorite is the R9 280X so if u could tell me its cons and pros I would really appreciate it.

    I would really like some suggestions as our spring break just started and i havent played anything for 1 month.

  9. Dude, I could play Final Fantasy XV and The Witcher 3 on Medium-High Settings Settings with the GTX 960 and 1050 maybe your system's faulty, the 960 is definitely capable of 60 fps at medium detail

  10. So you all know 2gb OC vram is very good. Its the ram and processor that can as well help with your gaming. 16gb of 1600 keeps micro stuttering away, faster process helps a lot as well even more.

  11. fx8350+gf960+16gb ddr3 for Doom 4 low graphics fhd => 24-62 fps
    i3 9100+gf1660+8gb ddr4 for Doom 4 ulrta graphics fhd => 186-200 fps

  12. 960 is the fucking shit. I play rust, compare graphics to BF1, and I run it 80 FPS. Insane card if u have other good specs with it.

  13. Honestly, if you can find it used for $50 then yes. Its a great deal. Otherwise, just get a 1660 ti. I have a 3700x with this card and can play most games on high – mid between 45- 60+ fps. Its a great deal for the money.

  14. will this 960 4gb bottleneck with a Q9650 @ 4ghz with Pq5 pro ? (have 3 kingston ssd) (yes y know… ssd = 6gb/s , my motherboar 3gb/s) 😉

  15. I call BS on the benchmarks

    Currently I have a I9 9900k with my 960gtx(soon to be replaced)And i can set things max-normal and still get decent fps in all of my games
    hell before I was with my i9 9900k I was with a i5 4400 and I got the shadow of the tomb raider on high with constant 40 fps

  16. I've got GTX 960 w/ i7-2600, playing Destiny 2 on ultra and RE2 remake, not on hight of course. BTW has Oculus too. Superhot VR run perfectly.

  17. I bought a Windforce GTX 960 4GB just to keep an old i7 960 going years ago. I didn't feel like spending over $1000 on a new machine lol.

  18. Hey there i do have a problem with my gtx 960. When i take the game in pc the pc automatically restarts is it the problem with smps?

  19. evga gforce gtx 9 60 ssc and i play titanfalls2 on high/ultra and hit over 130fps, battle field v i hit 90-105fps warface 144+fps all games on the highest possible settings besides bfv on high not ultra i have an i5 3570 and a 144mhz monitor

  20. Breh I have a 2gb one I have overclocked it 175mhz on the core and 275 on the memory it does better than this 4gb one and stays chillin at 55°C

  21. I love my GTX 960 (Gigabytes 4gb oc edition) at 1080p or on older games at 1440p runs very well (60fps high 30fps max which for me is just fine if anything my CPU is the bottleneck lol)


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