How to Tame and Breed all Animals in Minecraft


This video will show you how to breed, tame or otherwise gain the trust of all animals in Minecraft!

Timestamps to each animal:

Chicken – 00:29

Cow – 00:36

Mushroom – 00:42

Pig – 00:48

Rabbit – 00:56

Sheep – 01:08

Turtle – 01:14

Panda – 01:27

Cat – 01:47

Donkey – 02:09

Horse – 02:24

Mule – 02:32

Llama – 02:42

Parrot – 02:52

Wolf – 03:05

Skeleton Horse – 03:18

Dolphin – 03:33

Ocelot – 03:42

Fox – 03:53

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  1. This video was made during 1.14 so it may not have all of the animals in the game depending on when you're watching! I will do my best to add them to this comment thread 🙂

  2. I'm currently playing the old Ps4 edition of minecraft cause bedrock on PS4 is a headache😂 Are all the mobs you just listed also in the old version before 1.14? Cause I see sweet berries but I cant find the foxes. ❤ loved this vid!

  3. Chicken: seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, beetroot seeds, (Xbox 360 edition: nether wart)
    Cow: Wheat
    Sheep: Wheat
    Pig: carrot, beetroot, potato (beta: wheat)
    Bee: any small flower
    Rabbit: carrot, golden carrot, yellow flower
    Cat: any raw fish
    Dog: any raw or cooked meat and rotten flesh
    Parrot: (same as chicken)
    Strider: warped fungus
    Mooshroom: wheat
    Horse: wheat, apple, golden apple
    Llama: haybale
    Villager: bread, potato, carrots
    Fox: berries
    Panda: bamboo, cake
    Turtle: seaweed


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