GTX 960 Test in 20 Games


0:00 Grand Theft Auto IV
1:34 Grand Theft Auto V
3:05 Watch Dogs 2
4:35 The Witcher 3
6:09 Rainbow Six Siege
7:46 Assassin’s Creed Origins
9:10 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
10:41 Call of Duty WWII
12:10 Battlefield V
13:36 Far Cry 5
15:01 Just Cause 4
16:37 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
18:05 Forza Horizon 4
19:22 World War Z
20:31 FIFA 20
21:57 Control
23:27 Apex Legends (Season 3)
24:52 Mordhau
26:15 Wolfenstein Youngblood
27:49 Metro Exodus

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System Specs:
CPU: Intel i5-9400F (9th Generation)
RAM: Crucial 16GB(2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz
GPU: Zotac GTX960 AMP! Edition GDDR5 4GB 128Bit
SSD: Crucial 240GB BX500 (540/500)
HDD: 1TB WD Blue 7200RPM
CASE: Xigmatek Glare 7A 600W 80+PLUS
OS: Windows 10 Home


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  1. GTA IV Badly Fucking Optimized, I have played that and made mods on that game but the FPS still the same.

    Also i can play Assassin's Creed Origins & Oddysey on my Gtx 960 (2GB) with 4gb of ram, 40fps Lock (Low/Medium) Bottleneck (FPS Drop). Still pretty smooth.

  2. now my brother is GT 430 of my video card but tomorrow gtx 550 ti will come to me so let me tell you now your processor is 6 cores i 8 you know in these games there is something like multi processor number, if you make this feature according to the core of the processor leave these games 60 70 80 i 100 120 Up to 160 fps

  3. Anlayan var ise yardımcı olursa bana sevinirim 960m olan bir Bilgisayar kullanıyorum msı ge72 apache pro 6qd 801xtr lakin mesela witcher 3 oyununda low ayarlarda zar zır 45 50 fps alıyorum ekran kartı %99 da çalışıyor anlam veremiyorum bu duruma driverlar PC’nin herşeyi düzgün ama olması gerekenin çok altında alıyorum bunun için ne yapabilirim sizce ?

  4. My notebook is 6 years old, runs with a GTX870M detachable GPU I recently installed and a new cooler system. I don't care about resolution so I run everything at 1366×768 with avg FPS around 40-60 in modern games and medium settings.
    Since my old GPU gave up, I couldn't just give up as well, it has an i7 4810, 16Gb of RAM and the HD 2600 which let me play plenty of nostalgic games, I don't have the money to just get a new PC. I decided I was gonna revive my notebook like a weird Frankenstein and I'm really happy about it. My new handmade cooling system is killing it (in a good way), keeping it less than 72C degrees with the most recent taking 100% of GPU I dared to overclock.


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