GoPro Karma Grip Tips and Tricks


Here is a collection of 6 valuable tips and tricks for the GoPro Karma Grip. If your new to Karma Grip these tips will help you get the most of of your new GoPro stabilizer and help you create beautiful smooth cinematic footage.

Products & Parts I used in this video.

GoPro Karma Grip:
GoPro El Grande Pole:
GoPro Bike Mount:
Polar Pro Phone Mount:
GoPro Phone Mount:
Tripod Adapter:
1/4 Inch double Screw:

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  1. Is it possible to put a GoPro Large Tube Mount right above the power button under the mounting ring to put a phone mount?

  2. Has anybody made a gimbal for the GoPro Hero 7 black that will allow you to use a microphone?
    I love my hero 7 black and I love the ability to use an small external microphone, but with every gimbal on the market, there's no way to plug in your microphone

  3. Bought the Feiyu Tech g6 gimbal and GoPro hero 7 to use the cold shoe mount
    with a Zoom field recorder and well its got some issues. Maybe I should have gotten
    the GoPro Karma Grip!
    Thanks for the tips.

  4. I dont know I'd you tried it but I wish it was an actual feature. If you hold camera at either angle and hold tilt lock while filming it will pan up and down as well as left to right for above or below horizon shot's. I just wish you could lock it on son you didn't have to hold the button

  5. I've noticed almost all of the 3rd party extension cables don't include the second clip like the original product does. Do you need two of these clips or will the extension cable work just plugged in.

  6. how do you get that mount on? the gimble doesn't slide in all the way for me if I put the quick disconnect on first

  7. Heh, heh, "you just want a nice stiff rigid pole, some poles can be a little flimsy" that's what she said

  8. Newly subscribed 2 u mate! There's so many videos on YouTube…..u popped up & thank goodness I clicked it. Simple, straight2 the point & super helpful! Thank you! Amy (Wales,UK)


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