Geforce GTS 450 Test in 6 Games (2019)


Geforce GTS 450 Benchmark / GTS 450 Gaming Test

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Test System:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
MB: MSI B350 Mortar Gaming
RAM: 16GB Gskill TridentZ DDR4-2933
GPU: Gainward Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 128bit
SDD: Samsung 970 EVO, 250GB
HDD: Seagate FireCuda, 1TB

Tested Games:
Apex Legends
Rainbow Six Siege
Black Ops 4

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  1. my system 1tb hdd windows 10 10gb ddr3 ram gts 450 1gb fortnite shadows off at 720p med i get 40fps – 60fps stays arpimd 48fps only drop to like around 22fps when jumping out off the bus

  2. I got this card from a fake gtx 1050Ti. Had to reflash the bios. I want to dash it away now I have original gtx 1050Ti.

  3. Lol apex legends very unoptimized
    Lol only 40fps on csgo? i have +150fps on max settings on csgo, another fake video to make look bad old gpus… great, dislike and report

  4. its pretty insane that it can actually run some of those games , i have a gts 450 from my 2010 pc build and it was a mid/low tier card even back then.
    I used it to build a office PC for my dad with some new and old/scraped parts for cheap ,still works great to this day. I was playing till 2015 on it ,Tomb Raider 2013 ran great on the card, Dota 2 was also ok.

  5. Hey bro necesito el link para descargar el driver que sea compatible a windows 10 para la tarjeta de video.

  6. Ah this is not even acceptable for a graphics card. You guys know this is for like media applications right? 20-30fps got bless you.

  7. Hab eine GeFroce GTS 450 in meinem billo Rechner und kann damit nichtmal Assassins Creed Unity Spielen, can any1 help me

  8. GTS 450 – das angebliche Overclockingwunder. So wurde es zumindest mal angepriesen. Ich hab selber noch eine Asus GTS 450 Direct CU hier liegen. Beeindruckt mich wirklich nicht von den machbaren Taktraten. Vielleicht im SLI interessant, aber alleine kann das Ding nix.


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