Boris Johnson tests positive for Coronavirus as numbers infected rise – BBC News


There’s been a big rise in the number of people in the UK who have died of coronavirus – 181 lost their lives in the past 24 hours and more than 6000 are being …


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  1. what a joke…..he comes to speak to media…there is no sign of cough or anything…… suddenly after few hours he got corona….with contiguous cough????? after Brexit vote toni Blair fucked off…and now after corona boris….well done..

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  3. Ahhh Boris…using the CCP virus to get out of standing in front of the cameras😏
    I'm not surprised after your press conference…🤪

  4. He and your prince will die …cause they keep spreading propaganda against India…god will take their lives and your tech can't do a shitt about it 😈😈😈😈😈

  5. A lot of bitter labour voters still seething at constantly losing commenting lol. ffs move on already, we won the referendum and you got absolutely smashed at the last general election.

    Move TF on.

  6. This guy got herd immunity 😅😅🤣 very hard 🤣🤣. Such a idiotic move he Had made and. Now England might have to pay. And they were giving advices to india # Dont throw stones on someone’s house if your. House is made up of glass 🙏

  7. Thats what happens if you vote a clown into power.
    Just look at USA, you can see the same failures by the government over there.

  8. He purposely got it. He wanted it. Let me explain Cough Cough

    Boris wanted it so when it got bad he wouldn’t have it and then he’d be immune when it starts getting bad. To back me up he’s saying stay at home bla bla bla but he’s ignoring his own words and has it. So he purposely got COVID 19 🦠

  9. Boris is a liar. Conservatives filling us with bull everyday now ! You left it till late. You made great Britain look like a joke globally. At the start he was talking about helping the NHS with this and that but he's not helped a single bit. It was all talk and it's sad that ppl still trust them

  10. What a pile of crap. This is the biggest rat since 9/11 an absolute disgrace and thd clock is ticking for this big show to come crashing down. We see you

  11. 🇮🇳🙏🏻🌏Boris Johnson Sir. Get Well Soon Sir & Negative Results. Dont Worry Sir We Will Pray For God to Bless U & Ur Whole Family's Of UK (London).
    Let's Pray For God With Together We Can, Together We Win.
    #Stayhomesavelives. #Safecountry.
    Have A Blessed Day & God Bless U All Jai Hind.🌏🙏🏻🇮🇳

  12. China ‘a acting as Godfather to gain global power ,..ready to capture global stock markets in bargain price…please read book by Chinese colonial since 1999 “ Unrestricted Welfare :China ‘s master plan to destroy America since 1999 on Amazon ; it’s all there.


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