BLACKPINK Lisa teaching EXO’s The Eve to trainees (Youth With You)


When your Kpop worlds collide the audience demands a full video Lisa


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  1. I maybe died when I saw this scene you can watch the full ep on IQIYI app it’s free 🥺👌🏾
    Also HBD to my queen Lalisa 🥺❤️

  2. I've always thought Lisa deserve more and right now I'm proud because she deserves the recognition as an awesome dancer and trainer

  3. i dont understand why she had to teach them love shot tho, imagine if she had to learn the dance herself only for this.

  4. Exo clearly movement in dance practice video

    Sehun focus
    Kai focus

  5. Lisa and Lay of Exo should really work together in Teaching lessons like this. They are both Chill and Cool in teaching hahaha! It would be a massive teaching lesson. Lisa is Very Good and genuine in teaching ♥

  6. This is why I said get a Chinese mentor or a mentor who can actually speak Chinese. It'll be way easier to communicate and teach and it'll be easier for the trainees too. Like the8 from seventeen was in s2 and he was amazing. He taught the trainees really well and was fun too unlike lisa

  7. If you guys watched the whole thing. This group are more like divided into girls doing sexy stuff while those short haired girls doing cool stuff. The fact that she pointed out how uncollected the team is shows how poor their center and group as a whole does in rehearsals. Seeing their actual performance, these girls did great job. Congracts Mentor Lisa.

  8. This makes me a bit sad though because this shows that girl groups definitely have a talent in dancing, but they're given lacklustre choreography a lot of times.

  9. This is why her choreograper said "When I pratice a new choreo for comeback idk I'm teaching her(Lisa) or she is teaching me"

  10. Don't lay about you self ther are so many good dancers and better than lisa but they don't have any chance Yet!!!! Sooo stop talking!! She made me laugh when she considere her self as a trainer !!

  11. This remind me of jhope teaching trainee i bet other main dancer in group teach their member must be scary😅
    Edit:But they just want to help other to learn,if they not strict they wont learn anything though

  12. I taught it's MV, to get 2M in just 1 day. 😅
    Ohhh it's Lalisa, now I know. Happy Lisa Day!
    #LalisaManobanDay 🎉


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