All Pantheon Skins Rework NEW vs OLD Texture Comparison (League of Legends)


This video shows you a comparison between the new Pantheon and the old Pantheon skins, to see the diferences before and after rework, also a detailed presentation for each skin is included.

The prices, names and timestamps:
00:00 Classic Pantheon – 3150 BE x 790 RP
03:09 Myrmidon Pantheon – 520 RP
05:12 Ruthless Pantheon – 520 RP
07:15 Perseus Pantheon – 750 RP
09:21 Full Metal Pantheon – 975 RP
11:28 Glaive Warrior Pantheon – 975 RP
13:35 Dragonslayer Pantheon – 1350 RP
15:42 Slayer Pantheon – 975 RP
17:50 Baker Pantheon – 1350 RP

I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games.
You can read about the program here:

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