3 games on the NVS 4200M REVIEW #1 (4K)


Hello everyone Nintendo Man here today and i’m gonna be reviewing the following games… #1:CS:GO,#2:Fortnite,#3:Call Of Duty BO2. and also this is only part one so I’m going to be reviewing more games on this graphics card, also this graphics card is widely known on the Dell Lattitude E6520 heres a link for where you can buy the laptop 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇LINK

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  1. I have a dell Latitude e6520 but I don't know if I have that nvs 4200m card, it should be because my model is the same as yours but what I think is that this card is activated only in Windows 7, if you find help, let me know bro

  2. you're playing with bots in csgo and they take a lot of cpu usage. you should play online for the real test.
    bots in the game takes more than 70% cpu usage thats why your framerate was low.

  3. Right so i have a 4200m GPU in my computer and i play this game on there and it is laggy as fuck, anything to do with the graphics being too low or something?

  4. other than the GPU, what are you running?? i.e. CPU Processor speed??? how much memory??? this information your not providing. are you running your system from a desktop or a laptop???

  5. Turn off cpu hypertreading (bios). And overclockt the gpu to 1000 mhz. U will get stable 40 fps / 83 degrees at cs go. (Tested)

  6. Can it run League of Legends, Assasin's Creed 4 Black Flag, and Resident Evil 6? Lowest settings 720p., do you think i can play it with around 60+ stable fps


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