27 inch HP Monitor E273 Elite Display


E273 Elite Display by HP is has a lot to offer for a price point of just $250, 27 inch Full HD Resolution and 60Hz of display. That can rotate upto 180 degrees and the height can be extended upto 6 inches. Find more in the review.

Correction at time 3:23 price is $249 🙂

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  1. I specifically wanted a monitor•-•>JustU.faith/HPE23?Є   I could lower so that it was close to my desk-top. This monitor adjusts all the way to the desk allowing me to look over the monitor. Perfect, clean and modern design. Exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Hi, thank you for a beautiful review. Does it automatically go into portrait mode when rotated? Mine does not. Do you know why is that so? I have their 23-inch version (E233) and is connected to my laptop via HDMI. Thank you.

  3. Hi, thanks for a great review and close look at this HP monitor. Been looking everywhere, can you confirm the 'Adobe RGB' rating of this screen? to be clear not the 'srgb' rating, I know this is 99.6% but can't seem to find anywhere the Adobe RGB rating. Additionally do you help any recommendation for screens of a similar spec/size but that give a clearer directive towards to creatives for colour constancy? I know BenQ do some but HP seem to have the nicest cleanest aesthetic…. Thanks for any help you can give.

  4. Can I connect this monitor to an HP CPU? P.S. im not computer savvy😂 i do not have a desktop pc.
    looking for a good looking monitor and a compatible cpu. Will mosty use it for microsoft excel, light gaming — The Sims 4, and just streaming and editing videos (not professional editing). Any recommendations?

  5. In amazon, it's saying VESA mount is not available. But, in HP Official website, it's saying that it supports 100mm VESA mount……

  6. Yes i got this. Tnx a lot bro.
    Such a good review I'm goint to buy it..Definately Subscribed…😍
    Can u plz tell me the wallapaper name 0:38…just 👌


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