2021 Hyundai Elantra | First Look


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Originally scheduled to see the 2021 Hyundai Elantra for the first time last week, we here at KBB still want to give you our thoughts on this seventh-generation compact sedan. So while Micah Muzio and Lyn Woodward don’t have the car physically in front of them, they thought they could talk about it from their homes. We can’t wait to see it in person, but in the meantime, here are some first impressions!

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  1. The Elantra comes with a CVT instead of a conventional automatic. No thanks, I'll pass on CVTs. Both of my neighbors have cars with CVTs and they have to replace their transmissions almost as often as they change their engine oil.

  2. I think the design is to angular. If it was smoother like the Sonata, I think I'd like it more. Like if the beltline wasn't a straight line that's placed to high and rather curved upward gracefully, it would look better, at least to me. Also what's up with the plastic triangles on the C pillars? That looks awful. That could easily have been a small quarter window like the ones on the Civic. And are there like powerful engine options. Not N powerful but engines that compete with Mazda's skyactive engine or Honda's 1.5 turbo?

  3. I'm not sure about the door, it looks like it comes pre-dented from the factory. I do like the roofline and how it extends down into the trunklid.

  4. Front end looks good, but I wish they put fog lights in those triangular styling cues. Side looks good, I like those body lines. Rear end is ugly.

  5. And these carmakers need to start using 3-cylinder turbos. My new Buick GX with the 1.3 3-cyl is getting an average of 35 mpg and Lyn, the CVT isn’t too bad as the lack of turbo lag makes up for it. Definitely preppier than the Mini’s 3-cyl lineup.

  6. Great ideal…..when life throw you lemons make lemonade keep the videos coming and the Elantra looks weird but better than the last rental car looks

  7. This is how a brand new car first look video looked like in the time of quarantine. Both reviewers talking in their living rooms and kitchens haha!!


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