2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!


The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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  1. I’ve never seen this many likes and views in 48 hours. Congratulations! Apple never wanted a touchscreen laptop like the PCs, so they are putting it in iPads.

  2. Apple just returned my order now I feel like ordering last year's model. Just here to confirm if I should or not

  3. I like the opener haha it seems as thought Apple as a whole again is trying to corner the market and I can see why. Curious to see how part 2 of this will pan out.

  4. Nice video, I still remember the original 'I' devices came from Commodore. Though they were not called apps, then went to HP, now 'I' devices have been coming from Apple.

  5. So glad he made fun of that commercial 😂

    Usually a fan of apple commercials but that one is so cringy….. yeah like we are supposed to believe someone that age has never heard of a computer….

  6. Very poor review. I am still not sure if it's the equivalent of a computer or even laptop. You didn't go through the main reason to have one of those which is the GRAPHIC tablet. Your review sucks.

  7. funny meme unless he bought the licensing rights for that video from apple or whoever made it, they are well withing their rights to file a legal takedown. don't complain about how broken the youtube copyright system is if you can't even follow it yourself.

  8. This i pad can't replace a computer. Because i pad and computer totally different device. But this i pad some kind of work do in computer. It is very easy to carry.

  9. The cpu is not even better than the cpu in 2018 IPadPro.
    This could be the difference of two tests on one IPad, yet its the difference of two models, 2 years apart.
    2018: 1111 und 4604
    2020: 1114 und 4654
    This is was Apple did in two years. Unbelievable ! One new Camera, more Ram in the biggest version and a new sensor for AR.


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