17 games on GTX 960 2GB 1080p Benchmarks!


Games Tested:
@0:06 – Monster Hunter World
@0:59 – Battlefield V
@1:58 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive
@2:55 – Rainbow Six Siege
@3:49 – Fortnite
@4:37 – League of Legends
@5:29 – Dota 2
@6:16 – Apex Legends
@7:06 – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
@8:10 – Overwatch
@9:01 – GTA V
@10:00 – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
@10:53 – The Witcher 3
@11:53 – NFS: Payback
@12:43 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider
@13:35 – Final Fantasy XV
@14:28 – Far Cry 5

My Setup!:

*Recorded using shadowplay lost 4-5fps.
*Loading Screens, transitions, and pauses may affect the lowest, average, and maximum FPS count.

PC Specs: (amazon affiliate link)
Ryzen 7 2700x Stock Clock –
Gigabyte Aorus x470 Gaming 7 wifi –
Tridentz 16gb 3200 Freq DDR4 Ram –
Corsair RM850i –
CM MB500 TG –

Display: (amazon link affiliate)
HKC m27g1q 27″ 1440p 144hz –
Asus VX29h –

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  1. boi you have a 100% Bottleneck according to PC builds lmao https://pc-builds.com/calculator/Ryzen_7_2700X/GeForce_GTX_960/0Qe0Oe8A/8/

  2. So what Im seeing is that this thing I have laying in my room that my brother left me is basically equal to an Xbox One in power. Nice!

  3. Wow, gotta say it's a little refreshing that you understand that a 2gb graphics card wasn't meant to play games at 1080 ultra settings getting 20-30fps haha. Way to go

  4. Да да да пизди пизди Арех в 70-140 фпс конечно. Видяха старая, а проц 2017 года

  5. hola tengo un prosesador amd a8-7650k radeon r7 10 compute cores 4c+6g 3.30ghz de 8g que juegos puedo usar teniendo encuenta q ago diseños graficos usando ps,ai,corel gracias

  6. Yo I’m a huge fan and I wanna play rainbow I already bought it but my graphic card is too bad and I wanted to ask if you could send me this graphic card would be really nice

  7. what is the brand of video card used in the video? gigabyte, Asus or Zotac ?. Video is very good perfect editing, great benchmark!

  8. Not too bad. Is it worth getting one today for around 50-60$? I don't need anything special since I will pair it with i5 2300.

  9. i have a pc with specs core i5 2400 and 8 gigs of ram with gtx 960 wgb but when i teset it i fortnite( loweset ) i get 120 to 150 fps but dont know why have fps drops like it drops down

    to 60 and 30 too if someone is asking for gpu usage so my gpu usage at loweset preset is 75 to 80 and cpu almost same but plzz if someone is able to help me plzz <3

  10. Wow, really comprehensive bechmarks. Though as a proud semi ex owner of gtx 960, I can say it feels good to move on :).


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