12 Year Old Graphics Card Plays VALORANT?…. (Geforce 9500 GT)


This 12 year old GPU (Geforce 9500 GT) was buried in a box in my closet…Can I still game on it?

In todays video I take the Geforce 9500GT and put it to the test against some popular games in 2020 like Valorant, CSGO, Halo, & More. I tried to play Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare but ran in to fatal errors or issues with the driver that I tried to correct but ultimately failed. If you enjoy this type of video hit the like button and feel free to subscribe!

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  1. Intel vs AMD batttle but the computers are 10 years old…Check out the new video! ⤵


  2. Could you make a vid about optimizing the game even more than ruining it?the latest driver of 9500gt make my game more fps drop than improving it

  3. I get these errors in valorant and the game does not open although it is the same video card

  4. hi! how did you do to update the graphic card drivers? this game need at least 398.36 version, and i have a GT 240 1GB and i cant update the drivers :C

  5. I got the key for the closed beta of valorant on the br server, I spent 15 hours (maybe more) to get the key, but the message appears that my drivers are out of date, researched about and tried to download the minimum required, it is not compatible with my card which is the same as the video, can you explain to me why

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